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Funnel ě 140 mm Stainless Steel
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General Terms and Conditions of Business

KAMEBO® Karl Mezek
Marienstr. 14
D-45663 Recklinghausen / Germany
Telephone 02361 / 3026040

General Terms and Conditions of Business

1. The General Terms and Conditions of Business hereinafter shall be valid for all and any conclusions of contracts in the online shops,,, between Mr Karl Mezek, Marienstr. 14, D-45663 Recklinghausen (hereinafter “KM”) as seller and the purchaser. Any General Terms and Conditions of Business and Delivery of the customer deviating therefrom shall not be accepted.

2. Hazardous material shall not be delivered to islands, nor to islands, which lie in an inland lake. For delivery of hazardous material, the customer must state a delivery address on the mainland.

3. Products that are clearly designated as products only sold to commercial customers will not be delivered to private final consumers. Should the ordering party be unable to prove that he operates a company or a trade, these products will be cancelled and not delivered. Should the customer who is unable to prove a trade have already transferred money against prepayment or a comparable mode of payment, the amount shall be reimbursed.

4. Customer accounts, through which no orders are made, shall be cancelled. This shall also apply to accounts of new customers, who cancel their initial order and do not order any more afterwards. Inactive accounts shall be deleted within 4 weeks.

5. Right of withdrawal shall apply to private final consumers. For commercial customers, there shall be no right to exchange or restitution, if the goods are free from defects and delivered as ordered. Exchange and restitution can be carried out for goodwill by KM; the commercial customer shall, however, not have a right to this.

6. Delivery shall always occur with the reservation of self-delivery by the suppliers of KM.

7. KM shall be entitled to make partial deliveries. Products with different delivery times can be shipped together. The longest delivery time of the products shall be applicable in each case.

8. KM shall not be liable for delay in delivery, caused by tardy self-delivery by other suppliers and manufacturers, or losses on the dispatch route. The delivery times stated are standard delivery times. KM shall announce deviations therefrom and their reasons in good time.

9. Delivery shall occur solely to the countries stated in the online shops.

10. Delivery to addresses deviating from same may be excluded dependent on the mode of payment, e.g. instalment purchase.

11. Forwarding costs shall apply to a delivery of ordered goods to the customer. Should the goods have to be re-delivered, because the customer stated wrong or incomplete address data, or did not accept the goods after several attempts at delivery, the customer shall bear the costs for renewed shipment. What is binding here shall be the shipment status reports of the parcel services, with which KM makes shipments. This shall also apply, if a second attempt at delivery becomes necessary due to names lacking on the house, door, etc.

12. Should the customer have arranged signature release authorisation in absence with a parcel service, the customer shall himself be liable for loss of and damage to the goods.

13. KM shall determine the mode of payment individually for each customer.

13. KM shall only be liable for material defects to the goods, which have been delivered flawed up to the value of the goods. Any other form of liability shall be precluded. The customer shall be liable for inappropriate processing of products, improper work with tools, or disregard of industrial safety regulations, user manuals and operating instructions.

14. The customer shall undertake to examine the completeness and condition of the goods delivered immediately on receipt.

15. Reservation of proprietary rights: The goods shall remain KM`s property until payment is complete.

16. Data protection. KM shall be entitled to electronically store and process all data concerning the purchaser in the context of business relations, for the purpose of contractual execution with due regard being paid to the regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act. KM shall undertake to observe the statutory regulations for data protection.

17. Dispute Settlement via online platform ODR

The EU Commission provides a platform for out-of-court dispute resolution.
In future this will allow consumers to clarify disputes in connection with online orders out of court first.
To the dispute resolution platform follow this link:

Our email address for consumer complaints is:



18. Place of jurisdiction and severability clause

The place of jurisdiction is Recklinghausen. KM shall also be entitled to sue the purchaser before the court at their place of business. The contract shall be subject solely to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Validity of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall be precluded.

Should individual stipulations of these General Terms and Conditions of Business be ineffective, the validity of the contract shall not be affected thereby.


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