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BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 RAL 9005 RAL 7035 Kit 1
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Colours for tractor and construction machine

Paint and coatings from our assortment

Our list provides an overview of colours for tractors and construction equipment. Some manufacturer-specific colours are very similar to RAL colours. If authenticity does not matter, you may use these RAL colours, because any difference to the manufacturer's colours is scarcely perceptible.

Admittedly we do not provide each manufacturer-specific colour, but with coatings from our range you get many advantages compared to paint of other manufacturers:

BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 semi-gloss and BRANTHO-KORRUX NITROFEST mat are coatings that have been tested by NORSOK for use on offshore oil rigs. With these paints you get the optimum protection against corrosion for your agricultural machinery or your construction equipment.

BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 offers even more benefits for use in agriculture. All RAL colours of 3in1 are tested according to DIN and suitable for foodstuff and toys, also in saliva contact. You can use this paint without hesitation even for the painting of stables, storehouses, etc.

BRANTH's ROBUST Lack is not only a gloss finish, but also elastic and scratch-resistant. BRANTH's S-GLASUR is a high gloss finish and extremely scratch-resistant.

If you want to get a glossy surface, the mat NITROFEST may be overpainted with KRISTALL GLASUR Clear Topcoat = transparent ROBUST-LACK.

All paints named above are heat resistant up to +200° C
and can therefore be applied in many areas, where paint of other manufacturers cannot be used.

For special applications we offer more coatings, which, however, are available only in a few shades:

BRANTHO-KORRUX 2-KOMPO: very multifunctional, primer and topcoat in one. Also suitable for the painting inside of gears.

BRANTH's ANTI-GRAFFIC LACK is a clear topcoat, which is very resistant to chemicals. In agriculture it protects especially metals exposed to slurry and liquid manure. Also suitable for the interior coating of tanks, which are to be filled with gasoline, diesel or biofuel.

BRANTH's FLEXI LACK is extremely flexible, abrasion-resistant and impact-resistant. This coating does not break, it is even resistant to hammer blows. E.g. ideal for the coating of loading areas and funnels which are used in order to load bulk freight as e.g. stones, gravel and sand.

BRANTHO-KORRUX 2K DURASOLID is primer and paint for all parts made of metal, which are permanently exposed to water, e.g. for ship's bodies. Due to the fact that DURASOLID is very low-solvent, it can also be applied for the painting of swimming pools and water basins.

Please refer to the respective descriptions of our coatings to learn more about the advantages!

Atlas Orange                   

Caterpillar yellow

Liebherr yellow

Komatsu yellow

These four colours from our assortment are no RAL colours, but they are also available.

RAL 1004 Golden yellow

RAL 1004 is identical to FAUN Grader yellow / Kerner yellow

RAL 1006 Maize yellow

RAL 1006 is identical to Kälble yellow / MAC motor yellow

RAL 1007 Daffodil yellow

RAL 1007 is identical to Ahlmann yellow / Kleine yellow / Liebherr LTM yellow / Müthing yellow / Pöttinger yellow / Sennebogen yellow / Zettelmeyer yellow

RAL 1013 Oyster white

RAL 1013 is identical to Hagedorn ivory / Stollwork white / Terex white / Schaeff white

RAL 1015 light ivory

RAL 1015 is identical to Brown white new / Fahr-Deutz body cream-white / Hürlimann beige / MAN ivory / Steyr Truck ivory / International Harvester IH cream for rims, cooler etc.

RAL 1021 Rape yellow

Used by John Deere for rims

RAL 2000 Yellow orange

RAL 2000 is used by many manufacturers and often named just as "Construction orange"

RAL 2000 is identical to AS orange / Fendt orange / Strabag orange

RAL 2002 Vermillion

RAL 2002 is identical to Claas red / Dechenreiter red / Deutz red 74 / Eberhard red / Eicher red for wheels or rims / Esterer red / Fahr combine harvester red / Fahr-Deutz red 74 / Hagedorn red / Hako red / Holmer vermillion / Krieger orange / Landsberger red / O & K Orenstein & Koppel red orange new / Reform red / Zetor red

RAL 2004 Pure orange

RAL 2004 is identical to Hamm orange / Orange for Steyr forestry tractors

RAL 2011 Deep orange

RAL 2011 is identical to JCB Fast Trac orange / Meiler orange / Orange for Steyr municipal tractors

RAL 3000 Flame red / Seal red

RAL 3000 was used by Porsche. Please note that Porsche has also used RAL 3002 for painting.
RAL 3000 has been used in 1950 by the Bayerische Pflugfabrik / Bavarian plough factory.

RAL 3000 is identical to Annaburger red / Becker red / Bruns red / Diedam red / Farmet plough red / Eckart red / Fendt red / Fina red  / Findus red / Hanomag red / Hatz rims and mower red T16 / Hatz radiator grill flame red T16 / Hatz wheels and mower red H113 - HK17 - TL 28 - TL38 / Ködel & Böhm red / Krone red / Lang red / Lindner tractor red / Rau red from 1999 / Renault red / Steyr red / Strautmann red / Unsinn red / Weidemann red old until 09/2003

IH Red of International Harvester was a colour between RAL 3002 and RAL 3003

RAL 3002 Carmine red

RAL 3002 is identical to Allgaier red / Brown red new / DEMAG red / Deutz red / Ferguson red / Fliegl red / Ford New Holland red / Güldner red / Horsch red / Itas red / JF red / Kemper red / Krampe red / Lely red / Maak red / P2 Zweegers red / Porsche Renault red - please note that Porsche has also used RAL 3000! / Reisch red / Steib red / Weidemann red / Welger red

RAL 3003 Ruby red

RAL 3003 is identical to Eicher red / Fahr red old / Steyr tractor red / Ventzki red

RAL 3020 Traffic red

RAL 3020 is identical to Fassi red / Himl red / Luclar red / Neuson red / O&K Orenstein & Koppel red new / Rau red old until 1999 / Deutz F1M414 and FM417: for wheel rims / Deutz FL514, FL612 and D series until 1962: for wheel rims / identical to Bautz red

RAL 5010 Gentian blue

Steyr has applied RAL 5010 for the series 80, 84, 86, 180, 182, 185, 188, 190, 280, 288 and 290 for mowers in blue.

Hanomag, Lanz and some other manufacturers have often used non-standard colours, some blue colours they used are very similar to RAL 5010.

RAL 5010 is identical to Findus blue / IHC International Harvester blue / Menk blue

RAL 5012 Light blue

RAL 5012 is identical to Fina blue / Himl blue / Isaria blue / Lohmann blue

This shade may be used as substitute colour for the light blue painting of Hanomag trucks with round bonnet and twin-stroke engine C 218, C 220, C 240. The original Hanomag Blue was very similar to RAL 5012 though it was a tiny shade lighter.

RAL 5015 Sky blue

RAL 5015 is identical to Lemken blue / Saphir blue / Stern Mix blue

RAL 6001 Emerald green

RAL 6001 is identical to Deutz green / Gassner green / Rauch green

RAL 6003 Olive green

RAL 6003 is identical to Auwärter green new / MB Trac olive green

RAL 6005 Moss green

RAL 6005 Moss green has been used for paintings of many tractors of Heinrich Lanz in the 1950s and 1960s and for tractors of Wahl.

RAL 6005 is identical to Hanomag green

RAL 6010 Grass green

RAL 6010 has been used in 1950 by the Bayerische Pflugfabrik / Bavarian plough factory

RAL 6010 is identical to John Deere green from 1986 / Kemper wheel green / Steyr tractor green / green for Steyr tractors of the series 80, 84, 86, 180, 182, 185, 188, 190, 280, 288 and 290

RAL 6011 Reseda geen

Lanz tractors from model year 1966 were painted in a colour shade, which is very similar to RAL 6011. RAL 6011 can therefore be used as substitute colour for green tractors by Fahr and Fendt of build years after 1968.

RAL 6011 is identical to Bautz green / Bruns green / Diedam green old / Fendt green up to ca. 1968  for bonnets and others / Grimme green / Hatz reseda green T16 / Lohmann green / Neuro green / Stiehl green

RAL 6018 Yellow green

RAL 6018 is identical to Deutz green new / Fliegl green / Holder green new / Raiffeisen green / Steub green new

RAL 6029 Mint green

RAL 6029 is identical to Regent green / Samson Agro green / Tebbe green

RAL 7001 Silver grey

RAL 7001 is identical to DEMAG grey / International Harvester IH Silver for wheel rims / grey of International Harvester tractors of build years 1937 until 1949

RAL 7011 Iron grey

RAL 7011 is identical to Atlas anthracite / Eicher tractors grey 1938 until 1951 / Findus grey

RAL 7016 Anthracite grey

RAL 7016 is identical to Lanz Bulldog dark grey

RAL 7021 Black grey

RAL 7021 is identical to Komatsu grey / Linde grey / Lindner tractor grey

RAL 7023 Concrete grey

RAL 7023 is identical to Deutz grey 06 / Kramer grey from 1952 / Steyr grey for tractors of the series 15, for chassis

RAL 7032 Pebble grey

RAL 7032 is identical to Fritzmeier grey / Kuhn grey / O&K Orenstein & Koppel grey old

RAL 7035 Light grey

RAL 7035 is identical to Ford fog grey / O&K Orenstein & Koppel grey new

RAL 9001 Cream white

Has been used by many manufacturers for the roof of the driving cabin, for wheels, parts and labelling

RAL 9001 is identical to Fendt white from 1968 for radiator grill / Güldner G-Serie rim white / Wirtgen white / IH White of International Harvester / Porsche white for labels

RAL 9005 Black / Jet black

RAL 9005 is used by many manufacturers, our list is therefore not complete. The shade is also called "Frame Black" by some manufacturers. Often used for parts, headlights, bonnets, partial paintings and others.

RAL 9005 is identical to Caterpillar black / Daewoo black / Deutz Agroplus - please note that also RAL 9011 has been used / Eicher black 1984 - 1991 / Horsch black / Stoll black / black for labelling of light green tractors of Deutz / black for attached parts and car dashboards of Fahr tractors / black for Steyr Basis model range, series 900, 9000 and 9100, driving cabin and attached parts

RAL 9006 White aluminium

RAL 9006 is identical to Atlas cabin silver from 11/2002 / Claas silver / Deutz silver / Fendt wheel rim silver / Ferguson silver 82 / Kemper silver grey / Landini silver grey metallic / Schlüter silver / rim silver of Deutz tractors of the model range 06 from 1978, model range 07 and DX models / silver for labelling of Kramer tractors from 1952 / International Harvester wheel rim silver

RAL 9010 White / Pure white

RAL 9010 White / Pure white is often used for white paintings of attached parts such as lamps and roofs of cabins.

RAL 9010 is identical to Komatsu white / Linde white / Eicher white for radiator grills / white for labelling of Hanomag R-Models / Güldner model range G for white labelling, radiator grills, lines - in these cases Güldner has also used RAL 9001 / white for Fahr labelling

RAL 9011 Graphite black

RAL 9011 is identical to Case black / New Holland Agri grey / IH Black of International Harvester from 1985 / Lanz black for complete painting of Lanz Bulldog / black for Deutz Agrotron - please note that also RAL 9005 is in use.

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