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Silverline Mini Straight Air Die Grinder Set 633630SL
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Military Vehicle Paint Mat RAL 1014 Ivory 750 ml

Military Vehicle Paint Mat RAL 1014 Ivory 750 ml

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19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

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Product no.: BKNF-750-1014
NITROFEST Military Vehicle Paint Mat RAL 1014 Ivory 750 ml

Military vehicle paint mat varieties have the same high quality as the other BRANTHO-KORRUX NITROFEST paints

Your advantages:

Effective long term rust protection
You get the best rust protection for years even in extreme sea atmosphere
NITROFEST is very resistant to chalking
With application of 1 or 2 layers you get about 80 to 160 Á layer thickness, minimum in rural atmosphere is 110 Á!
Applying this paint you save time and money and even if afterwards restoration painting should be necessary:
BRANTHO-KORRUX can be painted over at any time with BRANTHO-KORRUX, even after years without sanding  
BRANTHO-KORRUX can be applied to slight rust film and firmly adhering residual rust that cannot be removed
You don't need any primer as NITROFEST is priming coat and top coat!
NITROFEST is licensed as compatible with residual rust and as base coating material for vehicle maintenance of the Deutsche Bahn (DB) (WL 30.01.01), material number: 587.99.64.
NITROFEST is resistant to occasional, non-permanent exposure to fuel oil, diesel, transmission oil and hydraulic oil.
NITROFEST has been tested successfully in terms of weldability / porosity according to DIN EN ISO 17652-2 by GSI-Duisburg (10/10).

Gloss level < 10 %


750 ml will do for about 5 m▓ with one layer

For military vehicles placed in a Museum or in a Hall, one layer is sufficient
For vehicles placed or used in the open air, application of two layers of paint is necessary

Unopened cans of BRANTHO-KORRUX can be stored for several years. As long as the paint is still fluid and can be stirred to a homogeneous consistency, it still can be processed. If you don't use all cans at once, you have reserves for later incurring repairs.


For painting with paint gun add BRANTH's KOMBI Thinner, when painting with brushes and rollers add BRANTH's SPEZIAL Thinner. The addition rate of thinner is between approx. 3 to 10 percent.

For more details, please refer to the product descriptions for the other NITROFEST varieties in stock.

Our offer is aimed mainly at museums, clubs and large-scale consumers.

We supply the military colours in two different finishes: Semi-gloss and Matt. Military paints are usually flat, but in museums and exhibitions a silky gloss surface is often preferred because it enhances the appearance of the museum pieces. You should only choose the matte finish if you want to emphasise authenticity and originality.

Please note:

All military paints are custom-made on request! These shades are no goods in general supply! Therefore, they are excluded from returns and cannot be exchanged.

All military paints are manufactured in the same high quality as all other colour varieties of BRANTHO-KORRUX. This means that the varnish is produced in original quality and that it is not produced by addition of colour pastes, etc. Colorants or additives would not be suitable for a high layer thickness as it is necessary for corrosion protection.
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