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BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 Caterpillar Yellow Building Machinery Kit 2
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BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 Anti-Rust Coating RAL 6004 Blue green 5 Litres

BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 Anti-Rust Coating RAL 6004 Blue green 5 Litres
BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 Anti-Rust Coating RAL 6004 Blue green 5 LitresBRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 Anti-Rust Coating RAL 6004 Blue green 5 Litres

249,00 EUR

16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Shipping time: DE: 10-14 Foreign countries 11-16 Workdays

49,80 EUR per liter
Product no.: BK3in1-5-6004

BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 Metal Protection Coating RAL 6004 Blue green 5 Litres


Advantages of BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 Anti-Rust Coating:

You only need one paint: 3in1 is primer and topcoat
For corrosion protection of steel, iron, metal
BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 is well adhering to stainless steel, aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous metals, zinc, glass and hard plastics
3in1 rustproof paint can be applied on rust and fixed rust that cannot be removed
3in1 corrosion protection paint is elastic and does not break even in case the workpiece has been severely deformed
BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 antirust paint has a very high opacity, compared to paint of other manufacturers you save paint when applying 3in1
3in1 has been approved according to VOB/DIN18363 as corrosion protection for all steel surfaces, steel structures and steel components
BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 has been tested successfully according to DIN 55928 and DIN-EN-ISO 12944 for interior, rural, urban, industrial and marine atmosphere and is classified as low-emission
3in1 is resistant to sweat and saliva and complies with the DIN-EN 71-3 standard for safety of toys and can be used for painting in the area of food processing
3in1 rust-proof coating has been tested, approved and proven for painting on drilling rigs

Corrosion protection coating with semi-gloss surface
For more gloss mix with 3in1 GLOSS ADDITIVE
For high gloss apply BRANTH's KRISTALL-GLASUR Clear Topcoat

Heat resistant up to +200 ░C


6 m▓ per litre and layer / ca. 30 m▓ per 5 litre bucket anti-rust coating

Layer thickness applied with paintbrush ca. 70 Á
Apply at least two layers
In case of high loads, e.g. in sea atmosphere, painting on ships and the like: apply three layers
Minimum layer thickness required for corrosion protection of steel and metal: 110 Á

Can be processed with BRANTH's 3in1 HARDENER as two component paint. Mixed with hardener drying-time of BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 will be shorter and the surface of the rust protecting paint will be slightly more robust.

For detailed product description, please refer to the regularly available shades and the technical data sheet.

We only supply original BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1, which is produced by BRANTH in original quality. These paints are not inked with low-grade pigment paste!

Special colour shades are made exclusively to the customer's request and are excluded from exchange and return.

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