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Air Tools

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Sand Blasters

All sand blasting guns are applicable to rust removal, paint removal, matting and other works, such as for example the processing of glass. With our sand-blasting guns and sand blasting devices, you can work on small to medium-sized areas, you might as well derust car bodies completely and remove paints. Our portable sand blasters are also used on ocean-going vessels and inland vessels. Especially VAUPEL and AirApp sand blasting devices are very robust tools and easy to operate.

RODCRAFT and Air App MBX De-rusting System

The MBX system is particularly well suited for quick removal of old underbody protection. With the special brush belts you are able to perfectly remove rust and paint from thin body panels of cars without reducing the thickness of the plate. All MBX parts you buy from us are original products from MONTY.

Chisel Hammers + Scrapers

Our assortment of air chisel hammers and accessories is particularly diverse. We recommend you to buy AirApp and GISON chisel hammers in industrial quality - in our shop at favorable prices.

Impact Wrenches

We recommend AirApp and GISON impact wrenches for use in car repair shops and industrial factories. Both brands produce extremely robust and durable tools. GISON impact wrenches are high-performance tools and ideal for use in steelworks, shipyards and ship repair.

Purchase advice impact wrenches

Tyre Inflators

Our calibrated AirApp tire inflators offer very good quality at very reasonable prices. The VAUPEL tyre inflator 7000P is best choice if you don't need any calibrated tire inflator. VAUPEL tire inflator 7000P is designed and built as robust as possible and also top quality in this category.

Grease Guns

Grease guns are manufactured in two types. Some grease guns are designed for continuous supply of grease, as long as the trigger is pressed and there are grease guns, which emit only one dose of lubrication grease when the trigger is operated. The maintenance work of lubricating grease nipples of machines, trucks etc. will be easier and faster to complete with grease guns that supply grease continuously. Therefore we recommend the AirApp grease gun FP2. It is of robust construction and continuously supplies lubrication grease. Grease guns of other producers that supply grease continuously, are considerably more expensive.

Tyre Buffing Carcass Grinders

For tyre roughening and for cleaning rims

Air Cartridge Guns

Cartridge guns, robust and approved in practice, for the processing of silicone, sealants, putties, adhesives, glue and others materials. Please note our references to the technical differences of the various types of cartridge pistols: Read hints and purchase advice

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